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350g Powder
Description Adequate calcium* magnesium* boron* zinc* potassium* copper and trace elements are essential for health and vitality. NATURE FRESH CALCIUM COMPLEX incorporates these minerals with vitamins* biochemical tissue salts and citric acid in proportions closest to those present in human bone tissue. A pH balance of 7 (neutral) ensures easy assimilation and also helps to eliminate toxins. If too alkaline* calcium tends to upset the flow of gastric juices and may cause heartburn. Calcium and magnesium perform over 300 metabolic functions in your body. Deficiencies result in: tooth and gum disorders* osteoporosis* heart disease* irritability* insomnia* depression* cramps and arthritis. Promotes strong* hard finger nails* a good* peaceful night's sleep and keeps cramps and restless legs at bay. No flavours* lactose* colourants or sweeteners
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